New ICDR Arbitration Rules Effective June 1, 2014

The International Center of Dispute Resolution (“ICDR”), the international division of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), published revised rules of procedure for arbitrations filed on or after ┬áJune 1, 2014. Significant rule changes include:

  • expedited rules for cases not exceeding $250,000– Articles 1(4) and E (1)-(10)
  • providing an option for the parties to mediate their dispute concurrently with the arbitration–Article 5
  • including provisions on joinder and consolidation–Articles 7 and 8
  • procedures for the appointment of arbitrators–Article 12
  • empowering Tribunal to allocate costs, draw adverse inferences, and take such steps as necessary to protect the efficiency and integrity of the arbitration–Article 20(7)
  • codifying previously adopted procedures for document exchange with a view to maintaining efficiency and economy including allocation of associated costs–Article 21
  • requiring the highest level of protection to be accorded in cases of conflicting laws on privilege–Article 22
  • unless parties agree otherwise awards must be issued 60 days from the date of the closing of the hearings–Article 30(1)


International Dispute Resolution Rules